Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi : get the proper treatment from Lifeline hospital, Abu Dhabi

Out of the desire of ensuring cost-effective and quality healthcare service, Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi was built few years back. Assurance of personalized care and individual attention to each patient is found to be the key ingredient for the popularity of this hospital. Here in this medical house, we can guarantee supreme quality of treatment and all medical staffs are highly dedicated towards their commitment for serving human kind. We have complete passion for treating any disease and thus, overpopulated emirate of Abu Dhabi is getting highly benefitted from our service in the medical science. Patients can avail all the facilities of treatment and diagnosis here. We can provide complete solution for preventive, curative and diagnostic service, for any kind of disease, under the same umbrella. In-house pharmacy of this place is present here to proffer 24/7 solution for in-patients and out-patients. This pharmacy is hugely stocked with any kind of medical equipment, drugs and other important things for the treatment.

Due to the sincere and dedicated approach towards medical science, we can see the growing demand of this hospital here in Abu Dhabi. Residents and citizens of Abu Dhabi are completely dependent on the medical service of this hospital. Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi is earning its popularity for the passion of treatment and accuracy of diagnosis here. Medical practitioners in our hospital are very much attached to the patient and they are always providing personal care to each and every patient. Due to the well-advanced technology and expert medical staff, our hospital is gaining the trust of the global patient. People all over the world are coming here to get quality treatment over years. Our hospital has earned the approval of adherence to the new healthcare standards and regulations, which has definitely fetched us more respect and fame to the eyes of the global patients. All the medical staffs of our hospital treat each and every patient with care, respect and dignity. We believe in using state-of-the-art medical equipment for the diagnosis of the disease and we make sure that all the machines used for disease detection meeting the industry standards. Thus, patients feel comfortable and safe relying on us in this regards. Those medical specialists, who are compassionate about treating any disease, are also dedicated to build certain programs like, diagnostic services, treatments camps, and awareness campaigns. And, we feel that these programs are as important as giving proper treatment to the patient.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What makes Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi an ideal destination for patients?

Emergencies can knock your door any moment. Be prepared! But do these preparations really help? Well, it is a very tricky thing, one thing is definitely important – the knowledge of a good hospital in your area. Are you staying in Abu Dhabi? Do you have any idea about the good hospitals here? If you don’t know then you must get yourself informed that Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi is a good choice. It is a leading hospital which offers high quality health care services. Lifeline is a well-equipped hospital that has a team of reputed medical practitioners who have rich experience in medicine. You will find 24 hours operational emergency department with state-of-the-art facilities that can handle all types of emergencies such as accidents, acute systemic conditions etc.

Whether you want house visit, emergency ambulance service, round the clock service for surgical treatments or other emergency cases, availability of specialist doctors 24 hours in person or on call, you will get all this with immediate effect.  The professionals here are fully dedicated to public service and have every possible solution for all your problems. The emergency management system here is well defined and well-coordinated amongst the staff members. If you will visit Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi you will never regret your decision.

Emergency Services at Lifeline Hospital are world-class which is intended to provide immediate attention to life threatening health situations and unimagined emergencies. If you or any of your known folks are frightening against any kind of ailment or health problem, don’t miss a chance to visit Lifeline hospital. Don't take a chance with anything that might be dangerous for you or your family members. Most of the commonly occurring problems that are handled best at the emergency department of Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi include chest pain, severe bleeding or head trauma, coughing, vomiting blood, dizziness or loss of consciousness, injuries to eyes, hands, ears or other parts, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, difficulty in speaking, sudden change in speech or vision, major sprains, burns, swelling or discoloration of skin, loss of sensation, persistent fever to name a few. If you are facing any of these problems or similar kind of problems, you can consult the doctors anytime. 

Life is precious; we all need to value it. Even if you are in some severe problem - hiding it or ignoring it will not save you, rather right treatment will do. For that your best guide can be Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lifeline Hospital in Abu Dhabi: Offer innovative facilities and maintain extreme hygiene!

Today health is an important issue in every society and with every age group. This has made medical profession and especially the private hospitals, clinics and other facilities more wanted. This has further increased responsibility of the hospitals as well as the medical professionals. They have to bring best services and state-of-the-art infrastructure so that patients can feel more comfortable and satisfied. In a city like Abu Dhabi where there is so much development and growth, people have good living standards. To match up to their needs the hospitals also have to offer them best of the medical facilities. One such hospital which is very popular within the city is Lifeline hospital.

Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi is a known name, famous for their first-class facilities and earnest customer handling capability. To ensure proper health care this hospital has established a highly sophisticated hospital which is not only having best of the facilities but top class equipment too. Lifeline Hospital was born out of a desire to provide economical medical facilities to the patients under the supervision of specialized doctors. Here you will find superior quality healthcare services supplemented by personalized care and individual attention. For the staff every patient is important and that’s why each patient is give individual attention. Management of Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi with their unparalleled passion and commitment towards mankind is serving the ever growing medical needs of the people of Abu Dhabi with great fervor. For them their patients are just like family, they give great importance to their needs and try to provide best of the solutions in the most cost effective manner.

If you want to get treated from best medical practitioners, Lifeline hospital in Abu Dhabi is definitely one of those options. You can count on them; they are dedicated to the medical profession with their full heart and want to provide people with best of the services. All the facilities designed here are maintained even after tremendous continuous growth in the number of patients. They have made this facility with the latest medical devices from best brands and under the supervision of medical experts. They have even maintained a nicely designed website where you can find all the information about their services.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Partner With Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi

At Lifeline Hospital, we believe that social responsibility is a quintessential component of our broad vision as well as a core value in enabling us to deliver quality healthcare in the region. And so we think that our responsibility in fostering a hale and hearty community extends much beyond the precincts of our hospitals. Hence programs such as treatments camps, diagnostic services, educational and awareness campaigns assume as much importance as the treatment that we provide at our hospitals.

Lifeline hospital would be glad to be associated with companies and organisations who share the same passion of the healthy well being of the community we live and those who are looking to contribute in their capacity in building a healthy UAE.

We welcome partners in our innumerable social campaigns, associations with reputed and credible pharmacy suppliers and medical equipment suppliers as well as quality medical service providers for the work that we outsource especially facilities management.

Come and partner with Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi to create a healthier UAE.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi - 24 Hour Emergency

Lifeline Hospital is equipped with the latest equipment and the most advanced patient monitoring systems to be able to effectively respond to all types of medical emergency. Lifeline Hospital provides 24/7 emergency services supported by a committed team of qualified medical professionals who are fully trained in critical care and provide the most thorough and detailed emergency care possible.

For more details on the emergency services of Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi and the medical team who are on duty to attend these cases as well as the situations and scenarios in which emergency services need to be availed, please visit

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi - Pioneering Mobile Mammography In The Middle East

Mammography is an effective diagnostic and screening tool used primarily for the early detection of breast cancer. It is believed to considerably reduce the mortality rate due to breast cancer to upto 20%. Routine mammography is promoted as a screening mechanism in the diagnosis of breast cancer in a lot of countries. Presently, it is widely accepted that mammography combined with physical breast examination is the way to detect breast cancer at an early stage.

Over a period of time, breast self-examination was the suggested means to finding cancer at a relatively early stage at which it could be cured; but it has been seen to be less than effective and hence no longer is it recommended by the health authorities. Better awareness of breast health as well as knowing one's body are suggested rather than conducting self exams.

Mammography is reported to have a false negative rate of 10 percent, which is the percentage of missed cancer cases after having gone through the procedure. This can be attributed to the dense tissues which makes the cancer unclear and also due to the fact that the manaifestation of cancer on mammograms can have a significant  overlap with that of the normal tissues.

As part of the procedure, the breast is compressed using the mammography apparatus. This evens out the breast tissue thickness which will enhance the quality of the image as well as decrease the quantum of scattered radiation. Also in mammography screening, different angled views are taken as well as geometrically magnified and spot-compressed views of the specific region of apprehension. Since there are chances that deodorants and talcum powder may be indicated as calcium spots in the X-ray, the candidates are warned against using those while undergoing the procedure.

With the intention of promoting mammograms as a means of measuring breast cancer, hospitals and healthcare groups worldwide have initiated mobile mammography vans to bring cheap and accessible mammograms within their localities. Lifeline hospital Abu Dhabi unveiled the first mobile mammography unit in the private sector back in October 2010. The unit offered free mammograms to the residents in UAE and other Gulf countries with community outreach programs for preventive medicine and early diagnosis of cancerous diseases. Starting with capital Abu Dhabi, the hospital plans to conduct such campaigns in the different parts of the Emirate in the near future.

Visit Lifeline hospital Abu Dhabi or watch this video on Lifeline hospital's mobile mammo campaign

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi - Lifeline of Abu Dhabi

The inception of Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi can be attributed to a strong desire to provide world class, comprehensive and specialized medical and healthcare services that is affordable to the diverse population of UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular. The think tank behind Lifeline hospital identified that quality healthcare services and cost-effectiveness do not always go hand in hand especially in the region and hence that took up the initiative of combine the two to answer the growing demand in this sector. The hospital’s vision which is to become the most admired and trusted healthcare service provider by offering cost-effective yet specialized and superior healthcare services to each patient complemented by personalized attention and care; and improving quality of life for the community in which we live, and serve the society at large.
That Lifeline Hospital has grown to become the hospital of choice, especially in Abu Dhabi cutting across nationality, class, gender and language barriers speak a lot about the sincerity and dedication of the trusted staff, medical and otherwise, in providing personal attention to the needs of their patients. Taking care of the patients’ wants and treating them with compassion, respect and dignity has been of utmost importance to the hospital. All facilities and services at Lifeline Hospital have been designed around the growing patient needs and demands which is consistent with the hospital's vision.
Lifeline hospital also understands that in order to keep up the promise of superior service, it needs to constantly be open to the latest and evolving developments in medicine and healthcare service industry as well as adopt quality management best practices to enable them to be consistent in the service delivery standards. Equally important is to acquire and maintain state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostic equipments, attract and retain the best medical experts so that the standards and best practices that are continually adopted can be implemented and sustained going forward. Hence Lifeline hospital is equipped with cutting edge technology and devices and also employs some of the best physicians and practitioners in the diverse medical disciplines. 
Lifeline hospital dedicates itself to the cause of a healthy and prosperous Abu Dhabi and UAE in the years to come. Visit Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi for more.